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Key Lime Pie

Shake everything with ice; strain into shot glasses.

Opdateret: 17. feb. 2019

Jamaican Screw With A Breeze

Mix ingredients. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

Opdateret: 17. feb. 2019


Build over ice in a highball glass. Stir.

Opdateret: 16. feb. 2019

Rum Toddy

Dissolve powdered sugar with water in an old-fashioned glass. Add rum and a single ice cube. Stir

Opdateret: 16. feb. 2019

Temaer: rum

Sky Blue

Fill glass with ice. Add apple rum, coconut rum, and sour blue pucker. Fill with ginger ale.

Opdateret: 15. feb. 2019

Temaer: blue

Green Bull

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass.

Opdateret: 15. feb. 2019

Blonde Bourbon

Pour into glass with ice and stir.

Opdateret: 15. feb. 2019

Rum Boogie

Fill a highball glass over ice. Squeeze limes into glass. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir

Opdateret: 14. feb. 2019

Red Zinger

Add banana liqueur and melon liqueur into an ice filled glass. Fill with the cranberry juice.

Opdateret: 14. feb. 2019

Screw Gin Fizz

Put some ice cubes into glass. Add Gin, Triple Sec, and then tonic water. Fill with orange juice.

Opdateret: 13. feb. 2019

Temaer: gin

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