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Pour an ounce of Hpnotiq into shot glass, add a splash of Aftershock.

Opdateret: 24. jan. 2021

Bawl Dropper

Mix in glass and drink quickly, do not sip.

Opdateret: 23. jan. 2021

Blue Blazer

Shake ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into shot glass.

Opdateret: 23. jan. 2021

Batida Mango

Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve in a white wine glass.

Opdateret: 22. jan. 2021


If liquor is already cold, pour into shot glass. If not, pour over ice in a cocktail shaker and

Opdateret: 21. jan. 2021


Measuer a collins glass full of ice into a cocktail shaker. Add ingredients and shake well. Pour

Opdateret: 21. jan. 2021


Shake everything but sprite w/ ice. Strain into glass and top with sprite and stir. Should be a

Opdateret: 21. jan. 2021


Add equal parts Passoa and Vodka to a shooter.

Opdateret: 20. jan. 2021

Wooley Mitten

Fill a mug half full with hot chocolate. Pour in whiskey and liqueurs, top up the mug with boiling

Opdateret: 19. jan. 2021

Stinky Weasel

Combine ingredients in a shot glass, adding the sugar last. Stir.

Opdateret: 19. jan. 2021

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